Offbeat Places to Visit in South Goa

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Majorda Beach 

This is the most beautiful beach of South Goa with the white sand beach located just 25 kilometers away from Margao. It is a 15 minutes drive from Colva Beach. As these are the offbeat beaches of Goa, you can expect a serene and clean beach with less footfall. Unlike any other beaches of Goa, this is a white sand beach with clearly laid beach shacks all over the beach. There is a legend behind this beach as Lord Ram, during his expedition for a search for Goddess Sita, he also came to this place and there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Rama at the end of this beach. So along with a natural retreat this beach also provides the spiritual serenity of the beach. Though an offbeat beach, a must visit place to explore and expand the joy. 

Menezes Braganza House

This is a 500 year old Portuguese House that is maintained with its original form. Braganza is located in Chandor Salcete area of South Goa. This mansion looks more like a museum than like a house. Built in the 17th century by the Braganza family of  Portuguese and the land for this house was granted by the King of Portuguese to the Braganza family. The vastness of this house is that the house is divided into West and the East and has two entrances. There is no set timing for you to visit this place but as soon as you enter the main gate of this mansion the concerned person will accompany you for the tour of this house. The furniture of the house is well maintained and there are so many things in each room that it will almost take half a day to complete the comprehensive tour of the house. You will surely get to see some of the antique pieces of that time ranging from small silver plates to large decorative chandeliers. So if you are a history enthusiast then you must surely visit this mansion. 

Cabo De Rama Fort

It is 29 kilometers away from Margao. The whole landscape of the Cabo de Rama area has a different vibe that is unlike any other place in Goa. And this is very much near to Palolem Beach. It got its name because of Lord Rama’s abode. The speciality of this place is that it is known for its best oceanic views from the fort. Here you can find a serene cave that is totally isolated from the crowd. From here you can also go to Shiva waterfall which is an infinity waterfall, from where the view of the ocean would be amazing. You can also get down the fort to enjoy the beach of Xabo de Rama. There is also an adventurous part to do here as there is a small cave nearby which can be a secret one as the location to find it is difficult. So do visit Cabo De Rama Fort and the nearby places.

Divar Island

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Divar is a triangular Island that is the 3rd largest island out of the 7 Islands of Goa and is almost 5.5 kilometers in length. This island is 35 kilometers from the airport and 10 kilometers from Panaji. To reach Divar you need to pass through Old Goa and take a ferry. These ferry boats carry even your cars and other vehicles if you are carrying any of them. This ferry crosses the Mandovi river to finally reach Divar Island. Island of Divar hosts Hindu pilgrimage places like Lord Ganesha temple etc. One thing you have to remember is that there are no restaurants or big hotels there. So you can have your breakfast or lunch at Old Goa itself before boarding the ferry. This island is famous for hosting festivals as well. And out of these festivals the famous one is Bondera festival. It is celebrated during monsoon and thousands of tourists attend this festival and it is worth attending this if you are there in monsoon. 

Safa Masjid

This masjid was built by 16th Century ruler Abrahim Adil Shah, the then Sultan of Bijapur. It is one of the 27 mosques built by him Ponda of Goa. One of the oldest mosques in Goa is worth going as it has some ancient architectural style that makes you feel awe. It has unique beauty surrounded by widespread gardens with a massive water tank. You can find some of the major attractions that look very beautiful during the monsoon. So you can take a look at one of the offbeat but a gem of Goa.

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