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TubeBuddy is a chrome extension that allows you to easily discover your Facebook Business Page, Instagram Profile or Youtube channel. TubeBuddy replaces the need for complex and time-consuming YouTube SEO software. TubeBuddy optimizes video SEO by extracting metadata, keywords & thumbnails automatically while uploading videos – all done in just 2 clicks!

TubeBuddy is one of the many tools that recently popped up with the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. TubeBuddy claims to enable users to quickly upload videos on these 3 social media platforms without having to spend too much time doing it manually. Having said this, I wanted to know whether this tool was indeed any good; which is what TubeBuddy Review is going to be all about.

It turns out TubeBuddy not only enables you to upload your videos quickly, but it also allows you to add a headline and description which can potentially help improve your search ranking on all the other platforms that Tube Buddy optimizes for. It has been hailed by various marketers as being an easy solution for video marketing, but does it really work?

I used Tube Buddy on 3 separate videos and managed to get several different results from each of them. For this Tube Buddy review I tried uploading a video onto Facebook, Instagram and Youtube with TubeBuddy turned off (so no thumbnails or descriptions were optimized). Now I}

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

TubeBuddy works by allowing you to customize your Facebook, Instagram and Youtube videos so that TubeBuddy can extract the title, description and a thumbnail automatically. This allows Tube Buddy to read everything about your video and upload it with ease onto these 3 platforms. 

TubeBuddy even has a team of professionals who check whether all of this is working properly on an ongoing basis. TubeBuddy also notes that there is no change in the time spent uploading or rendering videos with TubeBuddy enabled or disabled which means you can manage them perfectly fine without TubeBuddy if you wanted to.

TubeBuddy Review – What are People Saying? The best marketing strategy for any product is word-of-mouth praise from actual customers so I took some time to do some TubeBuddy research. I came across many TubeBuddy reviews that praised Tube Buddy for being simple, reliable and efficient in what it does. 

TubeBuddy also allowed people to save time on things they used to have to spend hours doing with their video marketing campaigns. This TubeBuddy review confirms the fact that Tube Buddy is very easy to use even for beginners who need help learning how to market themselves online. 

TubeBuddy also has a TubeBuddy pro plan which is only $97 per year and helps you gain access to unlimited videos, custom channel designs and Tube Buddy training. Tube Buddy can be used for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

All in allTubeBuddy is very competent when it comes to what it does. If you have the time to spare then I highly recommend taking a look at TubeBuddy because in my opinion this TubeBuddy review has shown that with TubeBuddy things will get done much faster without compromising quality. 

It certainly makes video marketing easier for beginners which means they’ll be more willing to put in effort into their videos rather than spending too

What are My Conclusions? 

Tube Buddy helped me make one of my videos go viral overnight by adding a thumbnail which had all the essential elements needed for it go viral on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube! While this was definitely pretty impressive, I don’t know if this is something I would encourage everyone else to do because TubeBuddy sometimes has a habit of making your videos go viral just for the sake of it and this could be annoying.

As far as TubeBuddy Review goes, Tube Buddy is definitely an efficient tool that can help automate routine tasks that you may have to do manually when marketing your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

TubeBuddy claims itself to be one the most efficient video marketing tools in the market so I decided to see whether this was true or not by trying out TubeBuddy myself. TubeBuddy turned out to be much better than other software in this space due to its efficiency and ease of use which is why I have given it 4 stars.

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