Why is the trucking industry a lucrative career option for military veterans?

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Truck driving is the way to learn things you never thought you could learn.

Trucking is one of the most demanded and important jobs in any country. A trucker not only drives a truck but also a whole economy. Any person planning to work as a trucker would be well aware of how they not only work towards providing food to their family but also to hundreds of other families out there. They work and travel each day to make sure that everyone is able to earn money for their survival. Truck drivers can learn a lot at their jobs. They can learn to face challenges, think strategically and survive in all types of conditions. These drivers also learn to work with their minds, learn patience and have self-control. Any person who comes into the field of trucking can start their work with the least experience and leave out lessons for life.

A lot of people can work hard and become successful in the field of a CDL truck driver. But some people don’t have to put any extra effort into working for it. This includes veterans due to the skills they learned at their jobs years ago. With the growth of this industry, the demand for veteran truck drivers is also increasing. It’s because these drivers have the aptitude needed for the job. Understanding this, the truck drivers company is more open to veterans who try to come for this job. Given are some reasons why trucking companies all over the country try to hire veterans for the jobhiring in Elizabeth City NC.

  • Working ethics

The workers at the trucking company are expected to be dedicated and hardworking for their jobs. These are some of the qualities that make veterans an excellent candidate for trucking jobs.

  • Mental strength

A trucker, as well as a veteran, needs a lot of focus and patience to work on their jobs. These drivers have to work for hours and hence need to make sure they are mentally present at their jobs. Focus is an essential part of the job. A small mistake can cost you a lot at both these jobs.

  • Physical strength

These veterans have great physical power because of their jobs and experience. These give them the power to work with greater tasks and long hauls.

  • Focused workers

The workers need to have a lot of focus at all the tasks they complete on their jobs. A veteran has worked hard to spend hours working in conditions requiring attention and hence their endurance will help them stay vigilant at their jobs.

  • Great communicators

These truck drivers need to have excellent communication skills because they have to rely on these skills for major tasks. A veteran is expected to be great in communication skills since it’s a major responsibility on their jobs. These skills are often transferable and can be handy while completing deliveries at the job.

  • Discipline

One of the biggest things that veterans learn at their jobs is self-discipline. They have a habit of getting things done a particular way and working in the right manner. They are not only responsible but also great with schedules provided or formed by them in their life making them a great candidate for the job.

  • Aware

A veteran and a truck driver is supposed to be aware and focused at all times. These drivers need to be aware of their environment and work. Even a small mistake can lead to mishappening of lots of lives available around you.

  • Great leaders

Leadership is something that might be a strong weapon for people from all backgrounds. They are and can be an example to hundreds of people out there and hence can work to make a change in the world. These veteran truck drivers need to be great assets to the companies and trucking teams.

  • Dependable

These drivers are dependable to both managers and customers due to their work and quality of life in the military training. They know about strict schedules and proper work ethics and hence can be a great source of energy and power force for the company.

  • Team workers

The teams in the trucking jobs can benefit a lot from veteran trucking drivers. Most of the work done under trucking companies take place in teams and can hence gain a lot of benefits for their work. You might not work in a team in trucks but might be in a team as a dispatcher, operator, warehouse worker or a driver.

All the experience and dedication put up by the veterans at their jobs make them one of the best candidates for the trucking job. There are many reasons why trucking jobs can be the next best option for them. Some of these reasons are listed below-

  • Flexibility with working hours

The truck drivers with the history of a veteran will understand the importance of time with their family. They would love this job because they have the freedom to work with whoever they want. After being away from family for so many years, these veterans can enjoy their work with their family. They have the choice to bring their family and pets to work on their rides.

  • Chance to visit new places with family

The veteran truck drivers can get a chance to work at a lot of new places. These drivers can explore new places and learn new cultures while at their jobs. They can even work at the prettiest places in the country and get paid for it. And they can do all of this along with their family with them.

  • High salaries

A trucking job is an ideal job for a veteran because of the monetary benefits also. The amount of money you earn as a trucker is quite high. You get sign- on bonuses and an average salary of about $50,000.

  • Same skill set required

The skill sets required for this job are quite similar to those of a veteran. The truckers have to consider the life of everyone else while at their job. Like a trucker, veterans also have to pay attention to all the details around them. You need to be attentive about how things take place around you. These people might also get a chance to stay alone and process their thoughts at the job.

  • Freedom to work

The veteran truck drivers would love this job because they have the freedom to work whenever they want. They can choose day, night or just weekend shifts at their job.

But these are just some of the benefits that a veteran CDL truck driver gets. The other benefits that they can expect at their jobs are as below.

  • Great income-

As a professional truck driver, you will be able to take advantage of the high pay rates.The typical income for a truck driver, for example, is $50,000 per year. It’s a fantastic reason to start a new job!

  • Insurance benefits

A lot of companies help professional truck drivers with insurance at the job. They can avail these for dental, medical and vision issues as soon as they start as professional truckers. But some companies also prefer to give insurance assistance to new drivers. You need to check that before filling an application form for same.

  • Paid vacations

A lot of trucking companies provide paid vacations and sick days to truckers. As a driver you need to make sure everything and everyone around you are safe and hence these companies make sure that you are healthy and satisfied at your jobs.

  • Reimbursement

A lot of companies provide their truck drivers with partial or full reimbursement for their training as well as their family’s tuition. You can check out these guidelines from the company you wish to apply for.

  • Freedom at job

A trucker is free to work whenever they want. They don’t have to follow the traditional working hours or deal with bosses at the job. It’s all about you, your deliveries and your job. You get to work on open roads and enjoy long journeys on your terms.

  • Chance to travel

As a trucker, a person can get a chance to travel wherever they want. They can choose their parcels and work in areas they want to explore. New cultures, new places, and beautiful sights. Just a perfect combination of all the things required to feel young.

  • Security of job

A person relies on a job to run their family. In this weird economy, security for these jobs has become very important. But you don’t have to worry about that as a trucker. A truck driver can take all the benefits and still feel secure about their job.

  • Training

Some of the companies act responsible and feel it’s their duty to train new truckers for working in the field. Hence, a lot of companies provide training programmes for new truckers in these fields.

  • And much more!

Some of the top most companies working towards providing truckers a great job are-


Walmart is one of the main and swiftly developing worldwide virtual organizations that serve human beings all over the world. Walmart is based on its well-timed transport of deliver and distribution services. Its massive fleet and expert drivers are dedicated to turning in all obligations pretty effectively. The proper information is that Walmart is usually open for expert truck drivers. Drivers with an easy driving record and experience are welcome to sign up for the expert group here. Since Walmart doesn’t compromise at the exceptional and performance of its services, it seeks in a position of individuals. Drivers are one of the maximum prioritized positions; however, there are different activity openings as nicely at Walmart. Being diagnosed as one of the quality trucking corporations worldwide, Walmart personnel are its maximum treasured assets. This is why it cares a lot about its personnel who practice their tasks tirelessly to ensure clean operations. Employees now no longer experience main enterprise pay but additionally gain from several different perks and benefits.


Sysco is a world-well-known business enterprise that excels in vending, marketing, and doling out food merchandise worldwide. A bulk of food merchandise are being furnished to numerous restaurants, healthcare, and academic institutes. Sysco additionally gives devices and resources which might be required for dependable food services and different industries.

Being a frontrunner in the supply chain field, Sysco presently serves ninety distinct international locations across the world. Sysco welcomes those who own top notch traits. Sysco actively searches and hires expert truck drivers who’re able to handle their task correctly and efficiently. Sysco continually compensates its personnel for his or her dedication and difficult work.

Brady Brady Trucking is one of the most dependable and stable companies offering trucking jobs in the United States. It was founded by Larry Brady in 1980 and has been an image of pleasantness and excellence. The corporation excels in supplying an extensive variety of reliable trucking solutions. Brady Trucking believes in the idea of hiring expert truck drivers. As a successful business, they consider that their personnel are a great investment and hence take actions accordingly.

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