Setek WiFi Extender Not Secure & How To Secure It In An Easy Way?


The Setek range extender is super incredible & offers an ultra-fast internet connection in your home, office, & business places. It is ultimately robust to the WI-Fi internet connection speed in your dead spot. In other words, this range extender is one of the most satisfactory solutions to expand the Wi-Fi network signals. If you are really struggling to robust the internet signals? Now, you are looking for the Setek WiFi extender. Because it was especially invented or manufactured to enhance the wireless range of your Wi-Fi router. With the powerful network connectivity of this range extender, the WiFi dead spot is entirely killer in your home. The wireless network coverage is more comprehensive, then you can reliably bring the wireless range in the long-range area without facing weak signals.

Additionally, if you really take the benefits of the setek wireless range extender, then you need to perform the setup. It is very important to set up the extender with the router, only then the signals of the router will be able to improve. If you do not know how to perform the setek wifi extender set up, then I will tell you step-by-step in this article along with how to secure the network.

Setek WiFi extender setup with WPS button

To improve the Wi-Fi range of your router, you have to perform the range extender setup. The WPS button is obtainable on the range extender, then you are capable of accomplishing the setup with the WPS button. To set up with the WPS button, you need to make sure that your router also has a WPS button. Then, you are able to perform the WPS button setup of the Wi-Fi range extender.

Firstly, you have to place the setek extender in the same room, where your WiFi router is installed for better network signals. After that, you have to wait until the extender’s LED light is solid green. Next, you have to push the setek extender’s WPS button for 3-4 seconds. Now, you have to repeat this method with the router. Now, the WPS LED light of the extender starts blinking green. You have to wait until this LED light is solid green.

Why is the Setek WiFi Extender network not secure?

The Setek wireless range extender is positively compatible with wireless security encryption. The WPS, WPA2, & also WEP security protocols are working with this range extender. This security encryption entirely secures the network. But many times, the individual facing the issue “Setek WiFi extender;’s network is not secure”. Then this issue occurs due to disabling security encryption. If the security encryption is disable, then obviously the wireless network of the range extender is not secure.

Why is it important to secure the network of setek wifi extender?

If you wish to enjoy the stable Wi-Fi range benefits for a long time, then you have to configure the security encryption. Without securing the network, you will not be able to take the seamless network connectivity. To fully protect the Wi-Fi range of the range extender, you need to enable security encryption. Thus, for the malware, outsider, & others, the secure network is most important.

How to secure the Setek WiFi Extender network?

If you wish to protect the wireless network from malware, outsider, & others, you have to configure the security encryption. Let’s start with how to secure the setek extender network.

Access the login admin panel

To secure the Wi-Fi network, you have to access the login admin panel. Through the default login ip, you will be able to approach the login admin panel. Additionally, you have to do the extender setup. Moreover, you can also perform the other extender setup like antsig wifi range extender setup with the same procedure. You have to choose to prefer a browser in your Wi-Fi network-enabled device. Now, you have to fill up the setek extender’s login default ip, & hit the enter button. Now, you surely visit the login admin panel. With the login details, log in to the extender account.

Secure the network with wireless setting

After logging into the setek extender, you absolutely reach the home web management page. On this page, you have to determine the wireless setting. Because the security encryption is here in this setting. Underneath the wireless setting, you have to click the security encryption. In the security encryption option, you have to select the security that you want to enable. After enabling the security encryption, click the save section. Now, the security encryption is completely enabled.

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