Rakesh Tikait Biography: Family, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife

Rakesh Tikait

Rakesh Tikait is a prominent Indian politician and farmer leader. He is basically known for his role in farmer protest 2021 in India. He is the son of renowned leader Mahendra Singh Tikait.

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Who Is Rakesh Tikait?

When Rakesh Tikait first joined the farmer protest 2021 in India, he became the main player in the protest. Earlier, it was assumed that Rakesh would not play significant role in the Kisan Andolan 2021, but later he proved himself as a farmer leader.

Rakesh Tikait was born in Sisauli village in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, India in the year of 1969. He was the son of late Mahendra Singh Tikait, a prominent politician and farmer leader in India.

Apart from being a son of prominent politician, Rakesh Tikait is also a co-founder of famous BKU (Bhartiya Kisan Union) party. His elder brother called Naresh Tikait is the national present of his party BKU.

When it comes to digging about the family ground of prominent leader Rakesh Tikait, you will notice that he is the son of a great farmer leader called Mahendra Singh Tikait. Who is the wife of Rakesh Tikait? Actually, Baljori Devi is the wife of Rakesh Tikait.  Rakesh Tikait got married with Blajori Devi in the year of 1985. Rakesh has total three children.

Now, come to the net worth of Rakesh Tikait. However, there is no official confirmation about the actual net worth of Rakesh Tikait. But it is assumed that he has about INR 4.1 crore of property and other assets.

Rakesh Tikait Biography – Role of Rakesh Tikait in Farmer Protest 2021

When you start reading the biography of Rakesh Tikait, you aren’t supposed to ignore his role in the famous farmer protest in India. He performed great when it comes to the success of farmer protest in India during lockdown and post corona period.

The key reason behind the success of 2021 farmer protest in India is Rakesh Tikait. It was Rakesh Tikait who started weeping during a press conference. This situation heightened the sentiments of farmers. And most of the farmers who had decided to leave the protested area decided to come back.

Obviously, due to Rakesh Tikait, farmer protest 2021 has witnessed great success. Finally, central government has to withdraw all the new rules related to Kisan bill 2021. It’s a kind of victory of the farmers who had been sitting on protest ground for almost a year.

Biography of Rakesh Tikait – Controversies

When you decide to read biography of Rakesh Tikait, you aren’t supposed to ignore related controversies. There was a time when most of the media houses claimed that Rakesh Tikait was being funded by foreign organization. Even there are various reporters or media person who claimed that prohibited organization Khalistan was funding the protest. But all these claimed to be proved falls at later.

So, when it comes to unveiling the biography of Rakesh Tikait, you first need to know about the controversies of Rakesh Tikait. There are lots of political gimmick about his role in farmer protest in India 2021. There were various daring media houses that also supported Rakesh Tikait for his role in Kisan movement against 2021 Kisan bill. There are various government-backed agencies that tried to threaten Rakesh Tikait for his role in Kisan movement 2021. But it was Rakesh Tikait who never compromised with his ideal rules. He kept protesting against the horrible farmer bill 2021. That’s why finally government of India decided to withdraw those three farmer law bill.

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