How To Memorize Quran Faster

Memorize Quran Faster

How to Memorize the Quran More Quickly

How to memorize the Quran quickly: Every student who joins the Quran Hifz program receives a personalized timetable depending on his learning ability. All you need to know is how information is stored in the brain. 

A day went by in memorizing one page at first. However, after five to six months, you’ll be able to memorize one page in two hours. Data is contained in brain cells in an expedited buildup method, according to science. The first page will take longer, the second will take less time, and so on.

Taking Quran memorization online is the best approach to remember Allah’s Holy Book. This Hifz Quran Online Training Course is extremely effective, and you will quickly be able to remember the whole Quran. You may now simply learn as well as read the Holy Book.

Tips To Memorize Quran Fast

Make every Effort to Avoid Distractions

Inform your family of the times when you will sit down to memorize the Quran on a regular basis and urge them not to disturb you. Even better, ask your family members to join you in memorizing the Quran. Also, make every effort to not miss any days of memorizing. Even if it’s just an ayah, memorize it; if you skip, your routine will be disturbed, and you’ll end up giving up remembering completely.

Maintain a set Time and Location, and Mus’haf

Psychologists have shown that learning something in the same setting helps you remember them better. So schedule a time when you’ll be free most days and a location where you won’t be distracted (more in the next point). The most vital element, however, is to memorize the Quran fast. You don’t simply remember what you learned verbally or semantically; but also remember what you’ve learned visually and spatially. When people remember the same book again and over, it becomes a habit.

When you memorize the same book over and over, they remember not just the content but also the word placement. When asked where an ayah may be found, teachers frequently answer, “This ayah is in surah al Fajar, at the top of the page,” without mentioning any mus’haf. This is due to the fact that they’re recalling memory skills.

Avoid Sins

Always repent if you’ve made a mistake! Remember that Allah is with you, and seek shelter in Him from the evil Satan. Remember that you are not flawless at the end of the day, and sin will only keep you from continuing if you insist on it.

Recognize your preferred Method of Memorizing

Whether you’re used sign language, scribbling in a notebook, raising your voice while reciting, writing the first line of each verse, walking around while remembering, or listening to a reciter and repeating after him, You pick the best technique for you, and you may use much more than one depending on your mood, time, location, and so on.

Quran Memorization Online Classes 

Memorization of the Holy Quran is a lovely objective, but it can be difficult to attain, particularly for women who may find it difficult to leave their homes undone and attend a madrassa every day.

People may learn to memorize the Quran from the comfort of their own homes by taking Quran memorization online sessions. They don’t have to leave their daily activities; instead, they can rearrange their schedules somewhat.

Maintaining a Memorization Schedule with Consistency 

Stick to your memorization schedule and don’t miss a day unless an emergency happens. Always keep in mind that memory is just like a muscle. The more you practice memorization, the more you’ll be able to remember and the easier it will become.

Recite what you’ve memorized several times

Always begin your Quran memory job by reciting and repeating what you have already memorized. For example, recite by heart what you memorized the day before remembering a new chapter of the Quran. Recite everything you’ve memorized during the week all at once at the end of the week. Repeat the process at the end of each month, and so on. This will help you memorize the Quran and remember it.

With the help of a professional Quran teacher

You can hire a professional Quran teacher to assist you to memorise the Quran faster and easier. He or she will assist and lead you along the way until you achieve the status of Hafiz/Hafiz of the Quran.

You have competent Quran teachers (males and females) at Madrasat Al-Quran – Online Quran School that can teach you how to memorize the Quran, Quran recitation with tajweed, Tafseer/Tafsir (interpretation of Quranic passages), and much more. Now is your chance to get a FREE trial and study Quran memorization online.

Quranic Verses: Ability to interpret Their Meaning

You won’t be able to memorize anything if you don’t grasp what you’re reading. It’s essential to consider the significance of the verses you’re memorizing and how they relate to one another. As a result, you should read the Tafsir (explanation) of the verses you learn and recite them while recalling their meanings.

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