Your bedroom has to be a space for relaxation and recreation. An oasis where you can switch off at the end of a long day and where there is no place for the problems that invade us every day. Your double room is the room in which you can let yourself go, lose yourself, and feel 100% comfortable. Because of this, in arranging a large double room, we can sin in both excess and the absence of furniture.

The bed, the color of the walls and textiles, the lighting, the texture of the furniture. Everything has an impact on creating the ideal atmosphere for resting and dreaming. The first thing to think about is the structure of the room. Even if you feel the need to fill in the empty spaces, you shouldn’t get too carried away. It is better to choose larger furniture that will fit the space you have. In this way, you can set up the room perfectly without additional accessories.

In a bedroom, the bed is the most weighty piece of furniture, so its choice is very important. Before deciding on the size of the bed, you should measure the wall that you want to place it against. Place a table at least 16 inches on each side. It is used to place your book on the bedside table, the alarm clock, the cell phone, a glass of water, or some lamps. It will also help to give the room a sense of symmetry and harmony.

You can also set up a running headboard. It helps maintain the feeling of spaciousness in the bedroom even if you have several different rooms. They are usually low and take up a large part of the width of the wall. It is true that this type of headboard gives a greater sense of spaciousness, and since you already have a large bedroom, it is ideal if you have created different environments in your bedroom.

When choosing the wall color, you should always keep in mind that the main goal of this room is rest and relaxation. Choose light, soft, and warm tones. Beige, cream, salmon, straw yellow are perfect, as are turquoise, aqua green, or warm gray. If you want to demarcate a certain area of ​​the bedroom, such as a corner with a desk, you can paint one of the walls a darker shade. These tones make the room appear smaller and are therefore perfect for large double rooms.

The floor, better wood. Since this is a large room, the solid or laminate wood floor will bring warmth to the room, and when it comes in contact with our feet the feeling will be similar. And if you cover it with a long-pile carpet, you will no longer want to enter the room and it will help to create a very cozy atmosphere.

A large bedroom can give you hundreds of options. A great option is to set up different rooms. A reading area, a sitting area with a TV, a dressing room, a dressing table (of course) … you have space for everything.

If the bedroom is very large, you can place the bed in the middle of the room to create a dressing area. Then you put a cupboard in the headboard area, the back wall serves as a wall and gives us the feeling of being cuddled up. On the other side is the dressing area.

The lighting helps you demarcate the area, which you can complement with a comfortable armchair and full-length mirror. Another option is a custom-built closet. If you have enough space, you can put it behind a partition for more privacy or even integrate it into the bathroom.

If you have a large bedroom, be sure to include an area for your dressing table that will add a romantic and feminine touch to the room. This classic is back in style and a must-have accessory. A dressing table will help you keep your creams, perfumes, and cosmetics in order.

Put it in a bright place, add a mirror, lamp, and good lighting. Daily personal hygiene will never be the same again. The selection of textiles to decorate your bedroom should not be neglected. They are the real protagonists of comfort. Use white tones for the bed linen, they give a feeling of light and cleanliness. Use pillows on the bed, play with different textures and sizes, and use wallpaper to give the bedroom a cozy feel.

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