Chopta Trek : Complete Trek Guide

In Delhi there is one of the adventurous treks. This can have the  highlights from Delhi to   Chota Chandrashila trek . This trek consists of Trishul, Kedar peak, Bandarpunch, Nandadevi and Chaukhamba are top peaks of this trek. The exploration of this altitude has to be nearly 13,000 feet of this trek. It is also called Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand at chopta explore of the famous Tungnath temple of this trek. This  has the highest Shiva temples of any in the world. There could be more transfers of facilities available in Rishikesh and Delhi. These have the desire of convenience. This has the assistance of a friendly foot of adventure by an experienced guide. 


The Chopta trek has a fascinating expedition on the head out of our Chandrashila at Tungnath. This is also famous for tourists and prominently at high attraction by high altitude trek lovers of it. The sea level this height is 4,000 metres located from above. The hike rewards are in  spellbinding glimpses of Nandadevi, kedar peak, chaukhamba peaks, Bandarpunch and Trishul of this trek.  It has the snow capped Mountains of the laid back Himalayas at trekking by lush jungles that trek has to Discover. This trek has a minimum destination of 13,000 feet through the forests . This has the snowy paths and has to Discover the rich flora and fauna on it. This can surely reconnect the nature of senses to soothe completely. It has the Moon Rock to proceed the Chandrashila towards the Tungnath. 


Day: 1

The tourists began their tour from Departure of Delhi and went into Rishikesh Halt later arriving at Chopta. The journey from Delhi will begin in Ac bus. After reaching Rishikesh in the morning the private vehicle will be transferred to us. After that we need to witness the  break at Devprayag in Bhagirathi in the beautiful Sangam Rivers of Alaknanda.  In the region of Garhwal the Srinagar savour at break of mouth watering at lunch in the most popular place on it. This has the delicious snacks in Baniya campsite of kund and a grab of warm welcome. This campsite has wild surroundings and a beautiful soak at that time. 

Day: 2

The mountain has beautiful sunrise views and chandrashila visit in Tungnath trek of soaking eyes and peeping in morning. This has the temple of the highest shiva at mild trekking at 5 km. The panoramic view was mostly astonished by the packed lunch and soaking our eyes. This can greatly come back honestly at  the campsite of Sari village for a night stay . Thus can consist of scrumptious dinner or retirement of the night for grabbing. 

Day: 3

In Deoria of laps and has the Mountains of wake up around it. This can be Deoria Tal of breakfast Scrumptious at 2.5 KM has to begin our trek. This has the backdrop of Mountains that are beautiful and astonished by the engulfed Mountains of this trek. These climatic conditions of varying plains are acclimatised by adequate time of plains at high altitudes. 

This time of  emergencies is modified by all the rights of these management of  natural calamities. When we start trekking we need to take warm clothes and shoes which are in the right kind of condition also. We need to follow some guides and instructions for sound and safe enjoyable trek for instructors. This trek has an intoxicant consumption of alcohol. It has the goal of encouraging the eco-friendly through this zone of the local sites of its campsites. It could be very comfortable because it’s fine as it is very precious and appreciated for conservation.


This has unforeseen mishaps of guide and has an encouraging trekking itinerary. This  trek  has to hinder  earphones of audibility to avoid it. This has destinations for plastic bags and has to maintain the ecological balance of this trek. It has been informed beforehand thus authorities could cancel the trek. We have to follow the rules of the state Government to do this trek. When we start this trek we have to inform people that personal attention is necessary and of high safety to appreciate this trek. And also we need to check the vehicle and also check the driver also that experienced that very Neat and Clean of this hilly terrains of this journey.  This trek must have the luxuries of these locations on it. The common point of this trek has to be campsites thus charging points of it. We need to carry the minimum luggage for more hassle. We need to carry snacks and water bottles while we trek. Some aged people are not allowed to trek. This trek has a temperature of 32℃ and 15℃ . 

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