11 Indian Payroll Software

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It is easy to say that our businesses run because of our employees. We should pay our employees their wages on time. While a bonus or two is nice, it will be exhausting to manage finances for every employee each month. The workforce will grow simultaneously as the business grows.

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is managing employees and finances. Finance and accounting are often overlooked because there are so many things to consider when starting a business.

Accounting must be error-free and tailored to the needs of each employee. Payroll management must take into consideration income tax filings, deductions and incentives. This is why many companies choose to use Payroll Software. It helps them manage their employees’ wages and saves time.

1. SumHR

You get a free 7-day trial. SumHR offers flexible plans tailored to your needs, including tax benefit calculations. The software manages your employees’ salaries and keeps track of their performance.

You can use it to help with your employees’ advance or loan needs. F&F policies make it straightforward to calculate separation finance between the parties.

2. Wave Payment

Wave Payroll software is easy to use and provides small business owners with a single source of financial management. It allows you to track all expenses and helps your accounting department keep records of each employee’s financial transactions. Additional features such as profit and loss statements or sales tax reports are also available.

3. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

Human Resource Management Software is the new-age solution for a hassle-free work environment. It organizes employee data, generates payroll and provides a quality solution for attendance & leave management. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides top-of-the-line solutions with customizable tools where daily employee operations can be managed more efficiently. 

4. GraytHR

GreytHR has over 20 years of payroll software experience. This makes it easy for customers to get paid quickly and easily. GreytHR’s most famous feature is its ability to generate quick reports. India’s most popular cloud-based payroll software, GreytHR, sees all aspects of payroll and follows all statutory compliances. The platform also handles automated reimbursements, loans, and advances.

5. Keka

Keka is leading Indian payroll software. It is user-friendly and employee-centric, unlike many of its contemporaries. Access to data can be made from anywhere remotely. The software is designed to be easy to use so that everyone can benefit from it. Keka claims it is the only HR payroll software that allows non-finance employees to participate in salary operations. Users can also release their payslips electronically or via SMS.

6. FactoHR

FactoHR, a leading HR and Payroll management solution in India, is helping customers automate their payroll operations. The interface is easy to use and simplifies the whole process, from salary processing to managing. FactoHR is a cloud-based payroll system that is secure and integrates well enough to allow greater financial control.

7. People Apex

It also includes a complete attendance system that allows you to keep track of all your employees. It allows you to create multiple payrolls to meet your organizational needs. Additionally, it provides comprehensive coverage of all tax laws. Because it is an international platform, it also has country-specific bank information to allow for employee bank transfer. Employees can also fill out their tax information.

8. Pocket HRMS

This user-friendly software won the “Best HRMS Software Award” at World HRD Congress 2021’s 29th Edition. It can be used for all payroll-related tasks. It is cloud-based, which allows for mobility and assists HR in their daily lives. It provides a single-stop solution to all-expense management and a self-service portal that engages employees.

9. HROne

This guide covers all aspects of payroll management. It consists of three steps: collecting, analysing, and reporting data.

10. Qandle

It can customize employee needs based on their location, grade, and other factors. Flexi-pay, a feature that allows employees to set their salary structures, is also available. The system automatically syncs attendance and leaves, so there is no room for error. Qandle offers a highly efficient payroll system, from onboarding employees to paying their salaries. Everything in between is done quickly and easily.

11. Beehive

Beehive offers its customers a variety of options for their employees by analysing employee data and providing accurate leave, payroll, payroll, and travel management information. It includes all HR activities, including those for employees. Beehive’s HR modules have the best configuration wizards available. They can handle almost any HR need and offer an end-to-end solution. Beehive can be deployed on-premises, hybrid or cloud, and access can be set according to company IT policies.

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